Why modern art is difficult to understand?

Why modern art is difficult to understand?

One of the most difficult questions to explain to a college student is why modern art is so difficult to understand. For someone who has not studied this form of art there can be a lot of confusion. Fortunately for the student who does have studied this difficult and abstruse field, there are many resources available to explain it. Modern Art has been discussed by such luminaries as Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, and Georges Braque.

But perhaps the most difficult question to answer is why modern art is difficult to understand. There seems to be a contradiction in the understanding of this type of art. On the one hand we have the masters who live in opulent homes, have never had a bad word said about them, and wear expensive clothes. Then we have the poor, huddled individuals, unable to buy expensive art, living in squalid conditions, and holding themselves under the constant thumb of their fathers.

This dichotomy alone is enough to challenge the reason for the creation of art. How can one create art that people will find acceptable, while rejecting others? Is there a contradiction in these views? And if there is one, how can we overcome it? The difficulty of modern art arises from the very structure of our society.

When we look to artists, we are typically looking at someone who lives by the motto, “Thou shall see.” That may be fine for writers, painters, or sculptors who have achieved renown. These are individuals whose works have been displayed at major exhibits and who have received acclaim from those who have seen them. For these individuals, their work is still considered new and valuable.

But what about those who have created art that is considered trash? What value do they hold in our culture and society? It seems that some forms of modern art and some artists do not enjoy the same respect in society as others. While their work may be offensive and insensitive, their fans may not give it much consideration.

It is important to realize that art is not judged by the merit of its creation, but by the audience it entertains. People form opinions about art based on who the artist is, or because of the message the artist wishes to convey. It is these opinions that are sometimes more damaging than the work itself. Some critics of art are unable to understand this.

In order to understand why modern art is difficult to understand, it is important to consider why contemporary art has changed the way we view art. Many critics of art have suggested that contemporary art is too disconnected from society and what we see as beauty. But, if the history of art is any indication, art cannot be separated from its audience. If art can be appreciated by people outside of the artistic establishment, then it no longer needs to be understood through the lenses of those who look at art with the typical lenses.

While it may be difficult to understand why modern art is difficult to understand, there are a number of reasons why the perception of art may be different from society at large. For instance, certain works of art may have deeper meanings for those who do not have an appreciation for art. But, for those who appreciate art, they are able to see things beyond the intended meaning of the work. This is part of why modern art is so difficult to understand.

In addition to this, the creation of new works of art has also been stymied by the fact that it can often be difficult to define what is new and what is old. Some artists choose to create only works that have classic influences. This helps them to make their work seem timeless, but these same artists try to make their art as unique as possible. This makes modern art very difficult to understand as well.

In addition to the difficulty of why modern art is so difficult to understand, the lack of diversity in forms also contributes to the difficulty of understanding this type of art. There are a great variety of mediums that can be used to create a piece of art. This is very diverse in comparison to classical or traditional forms of art.

Those who attempt to study art generally agree that one of the most frustrating aspects of modern art is that there is such a wide variety of artistic styles. Some artists choose to focus on painting abstract forms while others choose to paint realistic portraits. Others may create fine art pieces that are extremely beautiful and others still may prefer to create extremely functional art pieces that are extremely useful or decorative. A great artist like Jasper Johns is famous for creating pieces of artwork that are functional, such as the widely known “Johnsons Breadbox Art”. All of these factors are incredibly important when trying to understand why modern art is so difficult to understand.